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21 February 2022

A digital marketplace for MEA hospitality & travel tech providers, ExploreTECH aims to boost audience engagement and lead generation. The platform aims to provide industry professionals with one place to compare tech products and services and receive advice from subject matter from industry experts to help improve their businesses. A first-of-its-kind platform, continues to drive the future of the hospitality and travel industry, increasing its network of vendors across the Middle East and Africa.

ExploreTECH plans on connecting the entire hospitality and travel trade ecosystem to technology vendors and providing all services required by customers at a rapid pace using its current capabilities.

As the platform serves as a unified source of information for multiple vendors, buyers can access the latest tech solutions that complement or further develop their strategic goals. Buyers can also access verified user reviews and conduct a comprehensive vendor comparison for informed decision making. Moreover, Buyers receive the latest content and information in one convenient location. ExploreTECH also provides buyers access to a global network with established vendor relationships that can deliver turnkey implementation and on-demand project support based on their requirements.

In addition to increasing visibility and expanding their market share, vendors on the platform have the opportunity to improve customer engagement and enhance their customer experience.

The subscriptions are divided into four tiers so that every tech provider can find a subscription that meets their needs, whatever their current market penetration level. Subscribers are provided with several core benefits, including improving vendor-customer engagement, providing a product comparison tool, and allowing users to request product demos.

Vendor subscribers have the ability to host product training for qualified buyers, capture user reviews, spread awareness with social media content, and receive localization services of content for those who do not have Arabic versions of their product content.

Ralph Melis, Managing Partner of ExploreTECH, said: "Our platform can accommodate thousands of vendors and buyers, allowing us to meet customer demands quickly”.

"We are always looking to offer our platform users the most relevant solutions in the market. Early adopters have responded positively to this innovative and convenient platform as more and more brands are being onboarded" added Mr. Melis.

“We are creating a new type of marketplace where multiple players, large and small, work together. Our mission is to develop a more modern era of digital transformation by educating buyers and sellers about the benefits a unified platform can offer to both parties” adds Antoine Medawar, co-founder of ExploreTECH.


The marketplace, available in Arabic and English, aims to usher in a new digital transformation era by bringing value to a sector looking for a higher return on investment through digital services.

For more information, please visit: https://exploretech.io/ 


About ExploreTech

ExploreTECH is a technology marketplace for the MEA's hospitality and travel industry. A platform that provides a channel for hospitality and travel technology suppliers to gain new audience engagement and generate leads. For hospitality and travel industry professionals, ExploreTECH serves as a central resource for information on technology solutions, as well as consulting services delivered by subject matter experts on how to advance and grow their businesses. ExploringTECH is also the only one of its kind that uses both English and Arabic, founded by Antoine Medawar, Mona Faraj, and Ralph Melis.

ExploreTECH is committed to driving forward the digital transformation of the entire MEA hospitality and travel industry with a user-friendly platform that allows users and service providers to work together to develop digital strategies, positioning the platform as the leading Blue Ocean marketplace of the future.


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