Ralph Profile

I consider myself a very diverse and experienced industry professional, with extensive knowledge of Hotel and Travel distribution and the technology required to make this happen successfully. I've worked at large industry players like Booking.com, GTA and Marriott, but also more regional businesses like Rotana as well as the industry technology leader DerbySoft.

People know me for being open and honest, and willing to help and educate industry professionals about the finer details of the industry. I am also the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of ExploreTECH.

How I Can Help

These are the areas of expertise of this Voice Of The Expert

  • What technology options are available for connectivity and distribution
  • Implementation focus points
  • Operational best practices
  • Channel managers, switches and connectivity platforms. How they work and differ
  • Data caching, push and pull technologies
  • Using a CRS to distribute as a hotel group or not. Why yes and why not.
  • Content distribution and hotel mapping and why it is crucial and often overlooked
  • Why mapping is so important, and what solutions are available for it

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