Shadi's Profile

I am a business consultant with hands-on experience in supporting companies across the business spectrum in making insights-driven business decisions and better understanding customers, competitors and market dynamics through market research. With 20 years of experience gained from managing projects around the globe, I've worked with some of the biggest names in market research and business intelligence as well as prominent retail, travel and technology brands.

How I Can Help

These are the areas of expertise of this Voice Of The Expert

  • Conduct custom research programs that suit your needs and uncover insights that add value to your market entry & expansion strategy
  • Align and integrate the market research process with your company’s overall framework
  • Define objectives based on market needs and assist you in planning how to go about achieving your goals
  • Plan a roadmap for your route to market; from marketing, financial, and operational standpoints
  • Analyse the performance of your business in comparison with the objectives set to be achieved
  • Help teams to understand data, translate insights to opportunities and assist key decision-making and sales forecasting

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