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14 June 2022

Today we launch a brand feature on our homepage with various sections which will have a variety of content available for you: 

  • We welcome” is where we showcase our newest vendors and mention tech categories they have products in, as well what the vendors mentioned as their specialties
  • Platform Updates” will be where the ExploreTECH team will post future updates on what functionality has been added to the platform for our users, both vendors and buyers
  • Latest News” is where vendors will have the ability to load their latest news directly from their own dashboard functionality. This is an additional value immediately available for all our Basic, Enhanced and Premium subscribers, and Starter subscribers can add this functionality to their subscription for only $75 per month.
  • ExploreTECH News” is where the Press Releases from our side will have a new home
  • ExploreTECH In The Media” is where we showcase what other media outlets are writing about us
  • Blogs” is what it says on the box, it’s where we will be publishing all our future blogs. We’ve recently expanded our team to be able to add more creative and regular content here, so make sure to check in again soon!

We've added media tags in our Latest News section to help users find related news more easily, or news specific for a vendor. Vendors are able to create and suggest their own media tags from their dashboard which will be notifed to the ExploreTECH team for approval. 

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