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24 May 2022

Are you a hotelier looking for best fit of PMS, RMS, CMS or CRS? Our new “Product Comparison Tool” allows you to to choose different vendor’s products available in the market and with on click you will see a detailed analysis of each product’s attributes vs the others. Imagine that! Our new functionality makes it easy, fast and cost effective! Look no further and sign up for FREE to create your product comparison with one click at one location.

You will be able to compare 4 products at once in a single comparison, and reach out directly to representatives of vendors.

Download comparion feature coming soon!

Explore various sections of the product comparison such as:

  • Fee Structure
  • Key Features
  • Integrations/Compatible Add-Ons 
  • Technical Specs
  • Screenshots 

The ExploreTECH team is taking the utmost care to make sure Key Features are displayed in a meaningful way for users, to really be able to clearly differentiate between products from various vendors. 


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