ExploreTECH, a ground-breaking travel and hospitality platform, debuts across the Middle East and Africa.

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2 February 2022

ExploreTECH is now live! 

UAE-based ExploreTECH is a marketplace designed to connect hospitality and travel professionals together with technology providers in the Middle East and Africa, the platform allows professionals to get guidance from subject matter experts on managing problems and developing long-term strategies to improve business procedures and profitability.

Businesses that took advantage of the prelaunch subscription have praised the platform for its ease of use, unified interface and the opportunity the platform provides to extend their reach and connect more effectively with their target audiences. Among the company's early adopters are AmadeusCendynDaily Point CRMD-EDGEDerbySoftHotel BenchmarkDuettoHotelogixIDeaSJames & RitaOTA Insight Prologic First and Thynk.Cloud

Subscriptions are divided into three tiers: Basic, Enhanced, and Premium, to meet the needs of every tech provider, regardless of their current market penetration level. All ExploreTECH subscribers will enjoy the fundamental perks, as well as tier-specific benefits.

Improve and enhance vendor-customer engagement, Product comparison tool, Product demo requests and user generated reviews are some of the core benefits provided to all subscribers.

The marketplace, available in Arabic and English, will usher in a new digital transformation era by bringing value to a sector looking for a higher return on investment on current digital services.

For more information, please visit: www.exploretech.io

About ExploreTech

ExploreTECH is a technology marketplace for the MEA's hospitality and travel industry. A platform that provides a channel for hospitality and travel technology suppliers to gain new audience engagement and generate leads. For hospitality and travel industry professionals, ExploreTECH serves as a central resource for information on technology solutions, as well as consulting services delivered by subject matter experts on how to advance and grow their businesses. ExploringTECH is also the only one of its kind that uses both English and Arabic, founded by Antoine Medawar, Mona Faraj, and Ralph Melis.

ExploreTECH is committed to driving forward the digital transformation of the entire MEA hospitality and travel industry with a user-friendly platform that allows users and service providers to work together to develop digital strategies, positioning the platform as the leading Blue Ocean marketplace of the future.


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