Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes you will be able to upgrade your subscription until the end of your original period.

Yes, subscribers will be required to upload and manage their own content. There is a 7 day period after payment until the subscription becomes active.

Certain features will be available on demand as a bolt-on to your current subscription. Just let us know what you're interested in, and we can arrange a bespoke upgrade.

Yes, you can add other team members, as well as set their viewing and editing privileges.

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No, registration for buyers is free of charge.

Vendors will provide indications of what the pricing of their pricing is based upon, and how their pricing model works.

The contracting and sales process is handled directly by the vendors, but you can contact them first via ExploreTECH.

No, insights of your details will only be visible when you visit and contact vendors on the platform.

Yes! You can review your favorite technology solutions and also review ExploreTECH at the same time.

No, all potential buyers of technology are welcome on ExploreTECH globally.

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This is service available only via our platform, where an exclusively selected group of subject matter experts provides advice to Hospitality and Travel professionals to improve their businesses

Yes, however you can first schedule a 15 minute free discovery call with our team to discuss what kind of advice you require and if our team is able to support you.

No, in order to provide an objective, high-quality service, we want to ensure that we maintain an unbiased and non-incentivized position in the industry. We want to help “untangle the mess” for potential buyers of technology, empowering companies to create their own great success stories as operators of both Hospitality and Travel businesses.

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Yes, ExploreTECH follows the latest standards in regulations according to GDPR and other data privacy regulations.

Please do visit our Blue Ocean section to find out more about this concept

Yes, you can reach us on or contact us via the platform with the "CONTACT" link at the top of the page.

Yes, you have the option of deleting your personal account at any time.

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